KHA board member Augie Freda received this email in response to his inquiry on the status of the St Joseph County leaf pick-up efforts.


To say this year’s leaf pick-up is a mess, literally and figuratively, is a complete understatement. To answer your questions:

1 – The third pick-up will take place once the weather permits.
2 – The spring pick up will still happen.
3 – We will be looking into the option of continuing with leaf pick-up early next year. Thankfully Councilman O’Brien is going to work through the process.

Thanks, and we do truly appreciate your patience through this process!


Andrew T. Kostielney
St. Joseph County Commissioner – District 1
Room 722 County/City Building
227 W. Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone: (574) 235-9534
Fax: (574) 235-7849

Neighbors: The third and final fall leaf pickup, provided by St. Joseph County, will begin in Clay Township as early as next week (the week after Thanksgiving) and no later than the week of December 4, depending upon the weather. They are completing the second pass through Greene, Warren, Olive, German and Portage Townships this week. Please visit www.sjclp.com for schedule updates.
The second pass of the SJC Leaf Pickup could begin as early as late this coming week (October 31st  – November 4th) and at the latest the beginning of the week of November 7th. Go to http://www.sjclp.com to stay up to date with the latest details.
Parents: Keep an eye on your inventory of eggs and toilet paper. It seems we have had several groups of neighborhood youngsters causing extra work for our residents! Please report mischievous activities to any of our Board members.
Fellow Knollwood resident Bob Baliant is looking to rent a garage bay between the months of mid-November through mid-March depending on the weather. If you are interested in renting your garage bay to Bob you can contact him at either 574-273-1959 (home)or 574-340-08600 (cell).
Valdalism at Knollwood Barryknoll Entrance
image2image1Looks like we’ve had some vandalism at the north side of the Barryknoll entrance. Both lights were broken off and one of the letters on the sign is bent over. Please report any suspicious activities to the Police.
Knollwood 2016 June Meeting Minutes

Topics covered:

  • Leaf Pickup
  • Road Repairs and Maintenance
  • Water Drainage and Standing Water at Greenway Drive (Knollwood Country Club Entrance at Adams Road)
  • Snow Removal
Knollwood HOA Special Meeting With St Joseph County Commissioner Mr. Andrew T. Kostielney & Councilman James O'Brien

The Knollwood Homeowners Association Board is pleased to announce that we have scheduled a special meeting with our representative to the County Commission, Mr. Andrew T. Kostielney, and to the County Council, Mr. James O’Brien. The meeting will be held at 6 PM on June 6 at the Knollwood Clubhouse. All members of the HOA are invited and encouraged to attend.

We have notified both representatives that we have specific interest in hearing about construction and road repair plans for our neighborhood and the roads that connect to us and the county’s plans for continuing and improving the leaf pickup service. They are aware that there is displeasure with the current service and provider.

They are, of course, expecting questions regarding other issues of interest to us and ample time will be provided for open questions.

If you would like, you can email specific questions to me (afreda@nd.edu) by June 2 and I will be happy to compile them and provide them to the representatives in advance so they can be best prepared to respond.

Your Board encourages you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the county’s plans and services that impact us directly as well as to be heard by our representatives regarding other county topics of interest or concern to you.

August Freda

We have had several reports of homes in our neighborhood that do not have their front lamp post light turned on. If the bulb is dead, replace it. If your light post is broken, fix it. As our Knollwood covenant clearly states,

“24. LIGHTING. A dusk to dawn light (or gas light) of the type approved by the KACC shall be installed on each lot in front of the front building setback line. If electric, post lights shall be equipped with automatic operators (electric eyes) to provide light from sundown to dawn.”

This is a security issue that affects surrounding homes so check your outside lights and keep them on from dusk to dawn. Thank you.

Annual Knollwood Garage Sale – Friday, June 17th & Sat., June 18th 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Rain or Shine

An ad will be place in the South Bend Tribune, Craig’s List and in the Granger Gazette listing a few items that will be included in the sale.

If you have any unique or special item to feature, please call me before May 30th, to included your item in the ad.  Mowers, Snowblowers and bikes are popular!

I will put signs & flags at all the entrances several days before the sale.  Now that Gunwood is complete, we will have great traffic.  I’d recommend adding directional signs to your house.  This will increase your sales.

Safety Tip:  Keep your money & cell ph in a fanny pack.  Avoid taking checks if possible.  Keep your doors locked to your house.  Pair up with another person so you can keep an eye on sale while the other person takes the money.

If you have any questions about having a garage sale, especially if it is your first sale, please call me.

Michelle Becker – 574-277-1152
50656 Haven Hill Dr.

Please make your annual dues payment by check.

Send checks to:

Darla Kelliher
50650 Linden Grove Ln
Granger, IN 46530-6643

Recently a homeowner on Foxcross drive had a young man on foot approach their home to survey whether they preferred Coke or Pepsi. After the visitor left the homeowner call the County Police. The Police thought that more than likely this person was looking for a house where no one was home so they could break in. Report suspicious to the police when you see it. 

The Quail Ridge Neighborhood Association has sent the following communication to all of its membership. That communication outlines the reason for the fence and the fact that their homeowners association was not informed prior.  This was the same case for our association.  The communication makes a number of sound suggestions regarding how to respond to the fence and to whom you should direct your concerns, including telephone numbers and addresses.

Dear Neighbors.

Many of you have probably noticed that an industrial style, 10-foot chain link fence is being erected along Gumwood Road adjacent to Quail Ridge.  Many residents of our neighborhood now look out their backyard to see what’s being described as a “prison-like” fence. (We have attached photos to this email for those of you who have yet to see the fence.)

According to an email received on Friday from County Engineer Jessica Clark, “Knollwood Country Club required it.  Their corporate office attorneys in Texas required it.  They dictated the material, height, design everything pertaining to the fence.  Believe me, we didn’t want it.  We tried to settle their parcel without it and informed them of the aesthetic issue to no avail.  I’m not aware of any notification to residents sent out by Knollwood about it.”

We all want pedestrians protected from stray golf balls.  But, an 10-foot chain link fence has no place around our neighborhood.  We believe a creative solution that protects pedestrians and respects the beautiful and residential feel of our community needs to be achieved.  Please take the time to call or email Knollwood Country Club and encourage them to tell Club Corp that this fence needs to be replaced.  This is especially important if you are a member of Knollwood Country Club.  Club Corp needs to understand that this fence is bad for business and offensive to their membership.  So, please encourage your friends that are members at Knollwood to express their views on the fence and advocate for a more aesthetically appropriate alternative.  The beauty of the gold course is impacted by this fence.

Call or email Toby Niccum, General Manager at Knollwood Country Club: toby.niccum@clubcorp.com  (574) 277-1541

Equally important, tell executives at Club Corp in Texas that they would never stand for a fence like this in their own backyard and they shouldn’t put one in our backyard either.  The fence needs to be replaced with a less offensive alternative or entirely concealed by creative landscaping.

Eric L. Afield, President of Club Corp: (972) 243-6191
Patty Jerde, Media Contact for Club Corp: (972) 888-7790 (office); (214) 208-6831 (cell)

Rich Nathan, the V.P. for our region: (913) 634-3800

Time is of the essence.  Please let your voice be heard.
Feel free to reach out to elected officials as well.  Every advocate helps.

The Quail Ridge Homeowner’s Association

Message from the SJC Sheriff's Office
Please read…

Several residents in Quail Ridge North have reported receiving unnerving knocks on their from people claiming to be salesmen. The QRN Board shared this information with the SJC Sheriff’s office who sent back this response which our Board wanted to pass along to you.

This is new. We will want to talk with any residents that may have been approached in this manner. Please stress to the homeowners to pass on to Police anything that happens that seems strange. Most burglars will knock on the door first to see if anyone is home. If someone is home, they usually have a strange story (lost dog/asking for ficticious persons/salesman). If anyone is approached this way, please have them call Police at 235-9611. We need descriptions of persons and vehicles. As much info as they can safely get would be helpful.

Needless to say, we’d like you to take note and call the police if you suspect any irregular activity.

Friendly Neighborhood Reminder
Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pets when taking them for a walk and keep them on leashes.  We would like to continue to post lost pets on our website, but it  is difficult to distinguish a loose pet from a lost pet.  Thank you!

Knollwood is a friendly and interactive neighborhood, situated between two beautiful 18 hole golf courses, which are certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries.  Membership to the Knollwood Country Club is optional.

Our location is conveniently located near the Indiana/Michigan state line, and is close to shopping, restaurants, state of the art medical facilities, a local Farmer’s Market, County Parks, schools, libraries and the University of  Notre Dame, Indiana University South Bend, and Ivy Tech.

The neighborhood boasts an abundance of mature trees and wildlife.  It is governed by covenants and restrictions, designed for safety and to keep home values at their maximum.  The homes in Knollwood are unique in design, and all new neighbors are welcomed enthusiastically!

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