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Annual Knollwood Garage Sale – Friday, June 17th & Sat., June 18th 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Rain or Shine

An ad will be place in the South Bend Tribune, Craig’s List and in the Granger Gazette listing a few items that will be included in the sale.

If you have any unique or special item to feature, please call me before May 30th, to included your item in the ad.  Mowers, Snowblowers and bikes are popular!

I will put signs & flags at all the entrances several days before the sale.  Now that Gunwood is complete, we will have great traffic.  I’d recommend adding directional signs to your house.  This will increase your sales.

Safety Tip:  Keep your money & cell ph in a fanny pack.  Avoid taking checks if possible.  Keep your doors locked to your house.  Pair up with another person so you can keep an eye on sale while the other person takes the money.

If you have any questions about having a garage sale, especially if it is your first sale, please call me.

Michelle Becker – 574-277-1152
50656 Haven Hill Dr.

Our annual Homeowners meeting will be held in Mulligan’s at the Knollwood Clubhouse on Wednesday April 13th starting with Finger Foods served at 6:30pm followed by the start of the meeting at 7:00pm. A raffle will be held with the prize of one years annual dues for one Knollwood address.
SJ County Leaf Pickup spring program begins the week of April 4. The
pickups begin in Penn Township and will move counterclockwise into
Clay Township. Expect the leaf crews to hit our neighborhood as early
as later in the week of April 4 or early in the week of April 11.

For tracking, go to:

We are currently experiencing difficulties with this PayPal link. As soon as it is repaired we will put it back up on the website for you to use to pay your annual dues. Please make your annual dues payment by check.

Send checks to:

Darla Kelliher
50650 Linden Grove Ln
Granger, IN 46530-6643

Recently a homeowner on Foxcross drive had a young man on foot approach their home to survey whether they preferred Coke or Pepsi. After the visitor left the homeowner call the County Police. The Police thought that more than likely this person was looking for a house where no one was home so they could break in. Report suspicious to the police when you see it. 

The Quail Ridge Neighborhood Association has sent the following communication to all of its membership. That communication outlines the reason for the fence and the fact that their homeowners association was not informed prior.  This was the same case for our association.  The communication makes a number of sound suggestions regarding how to respond to the fence and to whom you should direct your concerns, including telephone numbers and addresses.

Dear Neighbors.

Many of you have probably noticed that an industrial style, 10-foot chain link fence is being erected along Gumwood Road adjacent to Quail Ridge.  Many residents of our neighborhood now look out their backyard to see what’s being described as a “prison-like” fence. (We have attached photos to this email for those of you who have yet to see the fence.)

According to an email received on Friday from County Engineer Jessica Clark, “Knollwood Country Club required it.  Their corporate office attorneys in Texas required it.  They dictated the material, height, design everything pertaining to the fence.  Believe me, we didn’t want it.  We tried to settle their parcel without it and informed them of the aesthetic issue to no avail.  I’m not aware of any notification to residents sent out by Knollwood about it.”

We all want pedestrians protected from stray golf balls.  But, an 10-foot chain link fence has no place around our neighborhood.  We believe a creative solution that protects pedestrians and respects the beautiful and residential feel of our community needs to be achieved.  Please take the time to call or email Knollwood Country Club and encourage them to tell Club Corp that this fence needs to be replaced.  This is especially important if you are a member of Knollwood Country Club.  Club Corp needs to understand that this fence is bad for business and offensive to their membership.  So, please encourage your friends that are members at Knollwood to express their views on the fence and advocate for a more aesthetically appropriate alternative.  The beauty of the gold course is impacted by this fence.

Call or email Toby Niccum, General Manager at Knollwood Country Club: toby.niccum@clubcorp.com  (574) 277-1541

Equally important, tell executives at Club Corp in Texas that they would never stand for a fence like this in their own backyard and they shouldn’t put one in our backyard either.  The fence needs to be replaced with a less offensive alternative or entirely concealed by creative landscaping.

Eric L. Afield, President of Club Corp: (972) 243-6191
Patty Jerde, Media Contact for Club Corp: (972) 888-7790 (office); (214) 208-6831 (cell)

Rich Nathan, the V.P. for our region: (913) 634-3800

Time is of the essence.  Please let your voice be heard.
Feel free to reach out to elected officials as well.  Every advocate helps.

The Quail Ridge Homeowner’s Association


Due to scheduling conflicts and capacity, we’ve been informed that there will only be three (3) leaf pickup passes this fall via the St. Joseph County Leaf Pickup Program. The vendor providing the service to the county, Greenworld Industries, could not accommodate all of the private contract requests.

The pickups began this week, starting with Penn-Harris Township and are moving counter-clockwise through the county. This means that the first pickup in Clay Township could be as early as the latter part of this week.

You can keep up with the schedule via the county’s website:

We’ll post updates here as we get them!

This evening, between 5-8:00, someone took a beer bottle and smashed it against the rear view mirror of my green truck. The hit removed all the glass and broke the holder off in numerous pieces. We found the pieces of bottle all over my yard and street. We don’t know whether other people are seeing a large amount of vandalism, or not, but we continue to be attacked —-the cars are constantly egged, things are thrown at our house. I know that there have been numerous break -ins in the area. At least once a month we have our cars vandalized. We have spoken to the police. If anyone has seen anyone or anything, please notify us.
Please print this, I would like to know if anyone else is seeing this kind of activity. Thank you for helping our neighborhood. Mrs. Missing


To WPV Residents.

Sadly it has been a busy weekend for us and our neighbors.  I have listed several emails I have received and a message from Sgt. Regis Thimons.  Plus there was a break-in in Wellington Park Villas and jewelry was stolen.  See last email

Diana Leirvik
Director of Communications
WPV Homeowners Assoc.

October 10, 2015 12:10  A.M.

Just wanted to let our neighbors know that tonight around 11:30, either a big car or small truck rammed into our garage door causing a huge dent and caved in the garage door. We heard a car speed away but we’re not able to get a license plate number. We called the police so they would have a record of it. There were no tire tracks on the grass indicating random (drunk??) driving so it
would seem that this was done purposefully. Wish it weren’t so!


We live across the street on Carrigan Way.  We heard the loud boom and then squealing tires. The damage to their garage door is simply irrational. Also, about an hour earlier, my wife believes she saw someone through our front porch stained glass windows approach our front porch but then leave.


Subject: Re: Fwd: Suspicious Activity 10/3/15 – Covington Shores

To All,

The events that are being described are classic examples of how “bad guys/girls” find out if anyone is home so they can target the home for a burglary. That is why it is so important to be extremely active and aware of activity in your neighborhood to take care of each other.

Just FYI for everyone also, the group of teenagers that are going around sub-divisions selling candy as a “fundraiser for a church in Indianapolis” for the most part is a huge scam. There are adults picking up kids to sell the candy for $6, the kid gets $2 and adult gets $4. No church is involved. Two kids that were in town doing just that this past weekend, decided to go and commit two robberies of pharmacies in Clay Township this past Sunday 10-4-15. They were apprehended. Keep in mind that if they are going door-to-door, they need a county peddlers permit, which they do not have as of right now, so call the police so we can get them out of the area. Also something to keep in mind, we were told that the reason these groups are coming to South Bend because the people are “so generous” and tip well. So the million dollar question of the day ” How do we get rid of these people from coming into our neighborhoods?” Ding…Ding…Ding- DON’T BUY FROM THEM!!!

Everyone please play your hunches, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings all through your neighborhood.

Stay safe,
Sgt. Regis Thimons


Greetings, Neighbors!

In case you haven’t heard via local news outlets, the St. Joseph County Leaf Program is scheduled to begin, weather permitting, on Monday, October 19th for the county-wide area.  You can keep updated on the exact schedule via the SJCLP website:


As in previous years, we will receive up to 5 passes (weather permitting) from Greenworld for the fall season.  Three of these passes are provided by the county and we contract directly with Greenworld for an additional two passes in the fall.

Here are some guidelines as you prepare for the leaf pickups:
1) Leaves should be raked to within 5 feet of the road BUT NOT IN THE ROAD!  Please leave the leaves on your lawn as putting them in the road will impede traffic, create a fire and safety access problems as well as interfere with water runoff and storm sewer operation!
2) DO NOT put grass clippings, pine needles or tree limbs in with the leaves.  These are not part of the pickup program and will damage equipment and delay service from Greenworld.
3) Please to not put pet waste in the leaf piles as this presents a health risk for the service crews.
4) You MAY cover the leaves with tarps to prevent blowing.  Greenworld’s crews will remove the tarps and leave them on your lawn as they pass through the neighborhood.  However, Greenworld cannot be responsible for damaged or lost tarps.

As in the past, it is not possible to provide exact collection dates and times.  However, you may check the SJCLP website referenced above for updates and we will try to post updates here as well.


There have been two trash cans stolen in the neighborhood within the last week. There is concern whomever is doing this may be looking for personal data. This is not kids doing this.
September 21st Meeting Postponed
The special meeting to discuss changes to the Knollwood Bylaws is postponed until further notice.
September 21st - Meeting to Discuss By-Law Changes
A special meeting for Knollwood residents to ask questions and discuss possible changes to the By-Laws will be held on September 21st at the Knollwood Clubhouse. Final voting on the proposed changes will be held on November 17th at the same location.
Message from the SJC Sheriff's Office
Please read…

Several residents in Quail Ridge North have reported receiving unnerving knocks on their from people claiming to be salesmen. The QRN Board shared this information with the SJC Sheriff’s office who sent back this response which our Board wanted to pass along to you.

This is new. We will want to talk with any residents that may have been approached in this manner. Please stress to the homeowners to pass on to Police anything that happens that seems strange. Most burglars will knock on the door first to see if anyone is home. If someone is home, they usually have a strange story (lost dog/asking for ficticious persons/salesman). If anyone is approached this way, please have them call Police at 235-9611. We need descriptions of persons and vehicles. As much info as they can safely get would be helpful.

Needless to say, we’d like you to take note and call the police if you suspect any irregular activity.


Here’s an update on the Gumwood Road construction project. There are a couple of things you’ll need to take note of here!

Gumwood Between Brick and Adams: This section is expected to be completed and reopened on or before July 30.

Gumwood/Adams Roundabout: IMPORTANT UPDATE: The roundabout is expected to be closed on July 23 and July 24 while the construction crews complete landscaping and pavement markings. Barriers will be set up at Grape and Adams and Fir and Adams to prohibit through-traffic. Local traffic will continue but will NOT be able to pass the roundabout.

Gumwood between Adams and Michigan State Line: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Beginning on July 30, Gumwood Road will be closed north of the Adams/Gumwood roundabout to the Michigan state line. No through traffic will be allowed. Barryknoll and Baywood entrances will be closed to all traffic. Knollwood residents will be required to enter the neighborhood via Adams Road at Pine Ridge and Greenway (at the Knollwood Clubhouse) or enter through Knollwood West. All services to the neighborhood (trash, newspaper, mail, school bus) are NOT expected to be disrupted. The Adams/Gumwood roundabout will remain open through the construction, but no traffic will be permitted to exit the roundabout on Gumwood to the north.

Construction is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Click here to read a letter received we received from the Engineer heading up the project.

Coyote Sitings
There have been reports recently of a male and female coyote roaming around the Knollwood Villas areas. Keep an eye on your pets.
THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015

A group of Wellington Park Villas residents met with Sgt. Regis Thimons at the Francis Branch Library and the following points were made:
  • Over 85% of home and car break ins- are drug related
  • There is a heroin epidemic in our area – it starts with prescription drugs mostly oxycodone and ADD medication – kids are selling it in schools and on the street.  They give it to a classmate to help them relax and pass a test.  Then they are hooked.  it leads to heroin addiction because heroin is less expensive. You will not read about this in the SB Tribune or hear it from the schools.  Nine kids have overdosed on heroin so far this year.  The police find these kids with the needle still in their arm.  One 14 yr. old boy who was doing breaking and entering had 42 texts on his phone from his classmates ordering drugs within an hour and 20 minutes time he was at the police station.  This is epidemic in our school system.  We are not taking about South Bend inner city.  This is Granger.

Continue reading by clicking here


There was a robbery over the weekend on Hampton Drive. The owners were gone for the weekend and the robbers broke in through the back door. Keep your doors locked and report any suspicious behavior to the proper authorities.
Friendly Neighborhood Reminder
Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pets when taking them for a walk and keep them on leashes.  We would like to continue to post lost pets on our website, but it  is difficult to distinguish a loose pet from a lost pet.  Thank you!
According to St. Joseph County, the contractor working on the Gumwood Road reconstruction is working to finish Gumwood between Brick & Adams in August.  Once complete, they will then close Gumwood from Adams Road north to the State Line.  This should occur in late August or Early September.  The proposed work will be the replacement of the existing road with a curbed tow lane road with turn lanes at each of the Knollwood entrances (Baywood and Barryknoll).  They plan to add a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the west side (our side) of Gumwood and a 10-foot path on the east side.  They also plan to add some trees and will restore any grounds or lawns that are disturbed as part of the construction.
According to St. Joseph County, the contractor working on the Gumwood Road reconstruction is working to finish Gumwood between Brick & Adams in August.  Once complete, they will then close Gumwood from Adams Road north to the State Line.  This should occur in late August or Early September.  The proposed work will be the replacement of the existing road with a curbed tow lane road with turn lanes at each of the Knollwood entrances (Baywood and Barryknoll).  They plan to add a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the west side (our side) of Gumwood and a 10-foot path on the east side.  They also plan to add some trees and will restore any grounds or lawns that are disturbed as part of the construction.
Knollwood Spring Leaf Pickup April 6 - 10
We are scheduled to have leaf pickup next week April 6 – 10 by Greenworld. Signs should be posted at corner entrances.
A home at the corner of Gumwood and Barryknoll was broken into this past Saturday 3/28/15 . This was a forced entry as the front window was broken to access the home. No one was home at the time of the break in. Make sure to keep your doors locked and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

Knollwood is a friendly and interactive neighborhood, situated between two beautiful 18 hole golf courses, which are certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries.  Membership to the Knollwood Country Club is optional.

Our location is conveniently located near the Indiana/Michigan state line, and is close to shopping, restaurants, state of the art medical facilities, a local Farmer’s Market, County Parks, schools, libraries and the University of  Notre Dame, Indiana University South Bend, and Ivy Tech.

The neighborhood boasts an abundance of mature trees and wildlife.  It is governed by covenants and restrictions, designed for safety and to keep home values at their maximum.  The homes in Knollwood are unique in design, and all new neighbors are welcomed enthusiastically!

To access all of the Knollwood Homeowners Association website you will need to be registered and logged in. You can register by clicking here.