Minutes of Annual Knollwood HOA Meeting held Wednesday May 23rd

Miss our annual Knollwood HOA meeting? Not to worry. Thanks to our secretary Aviva Wulfsohn who takes incredibly detailed notes you can read them by clicking here. It’s almost like being there! Don’t be afraid to leave questions or comments. That’s what this website is for.

Recent Vandalism - Report Unusual Activity
We’ve had reports of some vandalism on Barryknoll.  The entrance lights were snapped off, a mailbox was run down by a car, political signs have been stolen or vandalized and a flyer with racial hate speech was left in a mailbox.

These have been reported to the SJC Police.  Please be vigilant and aware.  If you see something unusual or your instincts tell you something’s not right about what you see or hear, please call the County Police immediately.  The police and your neighbors would rather you report it and have it be nothing than to not report it and find out it was a real threat.

Thank you!
Augie Freda

Spring Leaf Pickup Begins April 16th

Please be aware that the St. Joseph County Leaf Program begins picking up leaves in Clay Township on April 16. Please see the county’s website, http://www.sjclp.com/
for guidelines, updates and pickup status.

Signs will be posted at the three Knollwood entrances as a reminder. NOTE: Because the county leaf pickup begins the 16th that does NOT guarantee Knollwood’s leaves will be picked up that week.

As an alternative, you should contact your trash pickup service to see if and how they will accept lawn waste. I have found that Michiana Recycling and Disposal has an inexpensive service level that includes their weekly pickup container plus up to five additional bags which may be yard waste. http://michianarecyclinganddisposal.com/

Watch the County website and our website for updates!

Thank you to Knollwood Good Samaritans
Dear Samaritans

I want to thank the lady, and the four young adults who stopped and helped my husband when he lay helpless in front of our mail box on Barryknoll Way last Wednesday, Jan 10th. He suffered a stroke, but due to their effort to move him into my car I was able to get him to the Emergency Room in time to save him. He is experiencing a full recovery. I don’t even know your names, but know that you saved my husband’s life. We both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help.


Lisa & Axel Missing

Here is a link to the story in the South Bend Tribune

Update to Leaf Pickup Situation

Here is a brief update on the Leaf Pickup situation.

Just before Christmas, members of our board and the Knollwood West HOA board met with a representative from Greenworld to discuss a joint leaf pickup contract should St. Joseph County decide to discontinue the county program. Our hope was that, by combining the neighborhoods, we would get better pricing and, perhaps service.

  1. First of all, a couple of facts to be aware of:
    The County has NOT decided to discontinue the Leaf Pickup program. Greenworld has been indicating that the County HAS decided to cancel, but that is not true.
  2. In 2015, our HOA had a contract with Greenworld to do 3 fall and 2 spring pickups at a cost to us of roughly $17,000. However, with the County program, we reduced the number of “private” pickups to 2 for the fall (for a total of 5) and 1 for the spring (for a total of 2). Greenworld agreed to charge us roughly $2,000 a pass for these supplemental-to-the-County pickups.
  3. Under the Knollwood Homeowners Association By-Laws and Covenants, the HOA is not obligated to provide leaf pickup services. They were provided in the past because money was available from dues, funds surplus and solid financial management by the HOA Board.

We met with the representative who provided us with a quote that included the following:

  • 3 Fall Passes beginning as early as the last week of October and completing no later than the first week of December, weather permitting
  • 1 Spring Pass (which they called a “free” pass)
  • Opt-out clause at no penalty should the County continue the leaf pickup program for 2018/19.

The combined quoted cost to the two HOAs was $372,725 (almost 11x the price from our previous contract). They also offered a number of “discounts” … 50% if we signed up prior to December 31, 2017, 10% if we committed to 5 years and another 10% if we were “among the first to sign up”.

With all discounts offered and taken, the combined two HOA price would be $151,000 (still 4x the price from 2015). Dividing the $151,000 over the roughly 580 combined homes in both neighborhoods, the cost per home would be $260 per home (2-1/2 times the current annual dues). That amount would have to be recovered by increasing our annual HOA Dues by a similar amount, possibly imposing a 250% increase in dues beginning in 2018.

We told the representative that we might be able to present a price of half that amount to our membership (and the associated dues increase), but there was no way we could possibly get agreement on that prior to December 31, 2017. The Greenworld representative was not willing to entertain a price of $75,000 (or roughly $130 per home).

All board members for both HOAs attending the meeting were in agreement that this pricing was in no way acceptable and even with the discounts applied, the price was outrageous.

We have informed our County representatives of this quote and the tactics employed by Greenworld.

As it stands right now, if the County decides to discontinue their leaf pickup program, the Knollwood HOA will be unable to provide an HOA-funded and managed alternative. Unfortunately, this means that each homeowner will be on their own to handle the fallen leaves.

We will continue to look for alternatives, including a non-endorsed list of providers (including trash removal services that would include yard waste pickup).

We will do our best to keep you informed.
Your Knollwood HOA Board



Knollwood is a friendly and interactive neighborhood, situated between two beautiful 18 hole golf courses, which are certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries. Membership to the Knollwood Country Club is optional.

Our location is conveniently located near the Indiana/Michigan state line, and is close to shopping, restaurants, state of the art medical facilities, a local Farmer’s Market, County Parks, schools, libraries and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University South Bend, and Ivy Tech.

The neighborhood boasts an abundance of mature trees and wildlife. It is governed by covenants and restrictions, designed for safety and to keep home values at their maximum. The homes in Knollwood are unique in design, and all new neighbors are welcomed enthusiastically!

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