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NOTICE – Amendments to Protective Restrictions, Covenants, Limitations and Easements

Please take notice that the Knollwood Homeowner’s Association Board has proposed to make amendment to the protective restrictions, covenants, limitation and easement as passed on 1st of May, 1997. A copy of the proposed amendments is available at knollwoodhoa.com/covenants or by written request from any member of the association. A summary of the proposed changes can be seen at the bottom of this post.

Note: clicking on the existing and proposed covenants will bring up new windows for you to compare covenants.

Existing Covenants & Restrictions Proposed Covenants & Restrictions

The proposed amendments shall affect your rights, obligations and uses of each member’s property. Full language of each right, obligation or use is contained in the proposed amendments. The amendments shall cause changes in the assessment of fines for violations, installation and maintenance of fencing, driveway construction, signage, livestock and poultry, garbage and refuse disposal, recreational and commercial vehicles, fires, maintenance of lots, and compliance with the covenants.

The Board has voted to pass the amendments. Two meetings will be set for the purpose of members voting to amend the covenants.

Meeting 1 shall take place on the 7th day of January, 2014. The meeting shall be held at the Knollwood Country Club. The meeting shall begin at 7:00pm.

Meeting 2 shall take place on the 14th day January, 2014. The meeting shall be held at the Knollwood Country Club.  The meeting shall begin at 7:00pm.’

Pursuant to the covenant and applicable Indiana code, the amendments shall pass by two-thirds (67%) of the vote of the members/owners. Knollwood Homeowners Association has 353 members. The amendments shall pass or be rejected with 237 member votes after the second meeting.

VOTING: Each member/owner is given one vote per lot. Voting may be conducted in person, or by delivering the ballot by proxy.

In person voting will require the member to attend Meeting 2 which will be the meeting in which the final vote is tallied.

Ballot voting will require the member to submit to the Board the ballot included with the notice to the Board on or before the beginning of Meeting 2.


Proxy voting will require the member to submit the name of the proxy voting in his or her absence. Should a member fail to appear in person, by ballot, or by registered proxy, the member has named the secretary of the Board as his or her proxy.

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Proposed Knollwood Covenants & Restrictions
Leaf pickup to begin week of October 27th

Knollwood will begin the week of October 27, 2014. Green World will make five passes through the neighborhood.

Green World is scheduled to do one pass per week for 5 weeks. Depending on the weather, they may not be on consecutive weeks.

Leaf pickups are not assigned any particular day of the week. 

A spring pass will also occur with a date to be determined. Signage will be placed at each of our entrances in the near future.

Knollwood is a friendly and interactive neighborhood, situated between two beautiful 18 hole golf courses, which are certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries.  Membership to the Knollwood Country Club is optional.

Our location is conveniently located near the Indiana/Michigan state line, and is close to shopping, restaurants, state of the art medical facilities, a local Farmer’s Market, County Parks, schools, libraries and the University of  Notre Dame, Indiana University South Bend, and Ivy Tech.

The neighborhood boasts an abundance of mature trees and wildlife.  It is governed by covenants and restrictions, designed for safety and to keep home values at their maximum.  The homes in Knollwood are unique in design, and all new neighbors are welcomed enthusiastically!

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