Knollwood Fall Newsletter

Thank you Rosann, Scott and Dan!!

After years of service to their community we would like to acknowledge and say thank you to several of our Knollwood Board Members whose terms have expired and will be stepping down at the end of the year.

Stepping down are:

Rosann McGuire – “Architectural Control Committee”
Scott Heming – Treasurer
Dan Pawelski – “Property Management & Architectural Control Committee”

Rosann, Scott and Dan faithfully performed their duties and will be terribly missed! On behalf of the community the Knollwood Board thank you. If you happen to know them please remember to thank them for their service.

We need you!!

The vacancies left by Rosann, Scott and Dan need to be filled immediately.

For the position of Treasurer if you have experience with Quickbooks that would be of great benefit.

The other position is on the Architectural Control/Violations Committee.

Remember, this is your neighborhood. Your voice can make a direct impact on the future of Knollwood. Please step forward and make a difference now. You can respond to this email or contact our President Sally Potts at 277-4700.

It’s that time of year

Yep, fall is fast approaching. Get your blowers tuned up and your rakes ready, the leaves they will be a falling.

Signs will be posted on street corners to let you know when leaf pickup will be.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting Is Important!

It is sometimes brought to our attention, “what’s the big deal about enforcing the dusk to dawn lighting in front of each home.” Recently, a boat which was bolted to a basketball pole, was stolen right from a driveway. Yours and your neighbors dusk to dawn light DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Keep them on, if they are broke, fix them. It’s for your own security and the security of your neighborhood.

Spring Garden Walk

Knollwood will be participating in the 2015 spring Garden Walk to raise funds for the museum of art. Anyone interested in showcasing their gardens should notify Aviva Wulfsohn.

Attention Landscapers

We will also be accepting bids for Knollwood’s landscaping projects. The “scope of work” will be posted soon.

Gumwood Road Contruction update

The intersection of Adams & Gumwood will be closed until approximately Nov 21st. They are clearing, grading, installing pipe, storm sewers, electrical conduit and the new round about.

That’s it for now.

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Hey all! Thinking about summer I guess, and I have a question…. As new residents of knollwood I am wondering what the restrictions of the forest hills community pool playground for us folks who live in the knollwood area? Thanks all stay warm! 🙂

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