Mark Ellam

I tried to vote but there was an error on the page and could not do so. I am also wondering why we are not allowed to vote on each item? Why does it have to be an all or nothing vote?

Anne Huffman

I have a question about the RV/camper restrictions. Does this mean that no camper can ever be in the driveway? I can see that there may be a restriction regarding the time limits, but never having it in the driveway, even to pack it is pretty restrictive for families.

Could you clarify if this is saying “never” allowed in a driveway?

Thank you,
Anne Huffman

Mark McClean


Sorry for the delay in the response as I was away for the holidays not checking email. To clarify, yes it is certainly fine to keep the RV in the driveway to be cleaned or for packing/unpacking, and there is no specific time limit just for that reason. The restriction has to do with multiple “days”.

Let me know if I can help further.
Mark McClean
Web Coordinator

Fred lary

Please check out our website! We are offering services in your area. We gave a wonderful referral program and neighbors discount!! Gives a call 269-635-4765 or check out our website or Facebook page!!!


Adams Road and Pine Ridge areas, high visibility/traffic roads along side and into Knollwood need serious weed control applications. Blooming/seed blowing dandelions are now the “first impression” of the subdivision.

Jane Ralser

Found small black kitten (probably 7 mos +) last night. Very small all black with a few stray white hairs around the neckline. No collar. Left ear appears to have been clipped as it does no have a regular tip on it. Yellowish eyes. Probably less than 4-5 lbs. Very very sweet. if you have lost this cat please call us at 574 243-9350.

Stephanie Maupin

LOST! $500 reward!

Three year old very loved tabby cat. Responds to JULIUS, JULES, JUJU.

Went missing around 10:00 pm on 10/17 in Knollwood Subdivision/Granger. Haven Hill/Foxcross area.

He is front declawed and microchipped. He may come if you shake treats but he is very scared of animals.

Has always been an indoor cat so he is probably hiding.

If you see him or find him please call 574-250-3747

Diana Ganser-Brandt

Have you found your Tabby???? I have been feeding a stray since Christmas, we made a home for it to stay out of the elements. It is a beautiful kitty.
We are on the northwest corner of Lincroft and
I believe it lives under the deck of the house next door on Hampton.
Please advise.


Is the county going to come around and pick up leaves once again now that the snow is gone? I think they owe one more round. Anyone called on this?

Kelaine Barnett

I found a blind yellow lab on Hampton drive headed towards Ridgemoor. He’s in my garage hoping that someone claims him before I have to take him to the humane society. My number is 310-3018 if you know who he belongs to. Thanks.


SJC Leaf Pickup for the spring has begun! The county is starting the week of April 4 with Penn Township and working counterclockwise into Clay Township.

I would expect to see the crews in our neighborhood later this week or early in the week of April 11.

For more information, visit

Matthew Flaugher-from Talamore Westside HOA

We would like to get your support with the town and the DOT regarding the impending expansion of home building here in Talamore.
This will have a huge impact on the amount of traffic exiting both of our communities.
Please contact me for further details.


Matt Flaugher
Treasurer of Talamore HOA

William Vitriol

Could you tell me if Granger is switching to city water in the near future. I have to buy a water softener and don’t want to do it if we are going to switch from well water


Would it be possible for a board member (president or person responsible for property maintenance) to contact the County Commissioners and ask for leaf pick up? When the snow plows come through, we will have a real mess.

As you know there were essentially no leaves to pick up for the first two “drive throughs”; but in recent weeks, the leaves really dropped and are now sitting by/on the curbs. . . and on our lawns.

The commissioners website is below, and thank you for the follow up.
Jane Robinson

Dennis peterson

Spent 45 minutes this morning trying to clear the leaves and snow off my drive way after the plow went down Woodshire. Not real happy about this. The street is a mess and dangerous. Someone should lose their job over this mess.

Frank and Mary Castellino

Can the board make some noise about the prison fence on the east side of Gumwood, north of Adams (just need a little barbed wire on top)? It is very unsightly and embarrassing. Also, will the county landscape the traffic circle on Adams and Gumwood, as well as the island that runs north of that point. Talk about terrible!! Also can on street parking be addressed (it is restricted by the covenant? , Baywood Lane becomes a one way road at some points.

Lisa Heming

Who is the best person to work with on the board to contact the landscape company about taking the Holiday decorations down at the Knollwood entrance at Gumwood and Barryknoll? They are still plugged in, and it’s March. I’m happy to go take them down but didn’t want to do so without permission. Also, is there an electrician that can fix the broken light at that entrance? Thank you for your attention on these two issues.

We’d appreciate recommendations for a good roofing contractor, especially from neighbors who’ve recently replaced a roof.

Laura Hollis

Dear KHA Members:

We have lost our female black cat. She is not large, but is full grown. She answers to “Andromeda” or “Andy” and has golden eyes, and a small white patch on her belly. She has no front claws. She squeaks rather than meows.

She is very friendly and obsessed with eating. We think she may have slipped out of the house when we were unloading groceries yesterday afternoon.

We live at 16690 Hampton Drive – right across from the Knollwood Country Club. If you find Andromeda or think you’ve spotted her, please call or text Laura Hollis at (217) 778-2551 or Jess Hollis at (217) 778-0252.

Thank you,
Jess and Laura Hollis

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