Metronet construction issues

Hello Everyone,

I want to share with you all that the HOA has received several complaints from homeowners regarding construction issues with Metronet. The major issue being the humps in the roads where the conduit was installed under the streets. Another issue being water/gatorade bottles and other various trash left in our yards as well as the piles of dirt left after installation of the underground boxes. The issues have been reported to Metronet Restoration customer service. We will keep you all informed as best we can regarding a resolution to these issues.

If you have a specific issue with the construction on your property you can report it to Metronet via their website.

Thank you for your patience during the construction process.

John Nickison,

Utility Liaison, Knollwood Homeowners Association.

KHA annual meeting minutes (Updated)

Knollwood Annual Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2022   7:00 p.m.

Welcome & Introduction

Tim Woods, President, opened the Meeting with an introduction of current Board Members.

Board Members Present: Tim Woods, Hope Vollmer, Debbie Pritchard, John Nickison, John Mahlie, Ali Mojarrad, and Michelle Becker

Board Members Absent: Scott Holmlund and Aviva Wulfsohn

Tim emphasized the need for volunteers to assist on the Property Management Committee for spring planting of flowers since the Board was assuming this job after an unsatisfactory experience with a Landscaping Company.  Tim also asked for volunteers to help review “out of date”, By-Laws & Covenants/Restriction as Amendments are needed, particularly in the areas of Metal Roofing, Solar Panel & Fencing.  Sign-Up sheets were made available at the Sign-In Table.

Approximately 31 people attended including Board Members.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Debbie Pritchard explained the 2021 and 2022 budgets and expenditures. She also reviewed the number of delinquent dues, efforts to collect them including follow up invoices, filing Association liens, attorney demand letters and, as last resort filing suit to recover the amounts owed plus interest and court costs. The total amount of delinquent dues each year is between $5,000 to $6,000. The treasury has excess funds which are earning a small amount of interest from money market savings.  The Association is solvent and in good financial shape.

Committee Reports

Covenants and Restrictions – John Mahlie reported there were only a few violations of the Covenants and each were addressed via a letter and discussion with the offenders. Issues involved perimeter fences, a business operation, parking boats on trailers and a commercial size dumpster in open areas. All violations were resolved. It was noted that the boat/trailer and dumpster incidents were also violations of the St. Joseph County Single Family Zoning Ordinance. The County will be asked to enforce the Ordinance as to these types of violations. Monetary fine for violations could be as high as $2,500.

Utility Report by John Nickison

John stated, AEP has been very responsive to lights & transformers which need repair or replacement.  Most of our street lights now use LED lights.  Please contact John Nickison to report any problems with street lights or utility boxes.

Webmaster Report by John Nickison

Website now sending emails to Homeowner’s who are setup on the email list.  John encouraged Homeowner’s to call him with questions and to contact him with email addresses and he will set them up.  KHA annual dues can be paid using Paypal via the website.  Adding a link for St. Joseph County Code Enforcement on the website. A program to develop a new method of emailing Association business will be explored.

Architectural Control Report by John Mahlie

John stated, that Approval was given on some additions, a sunroom, sheds, fence & swing set. An addition to and existing shed on Baywood was denied.

Property Management Report by Ali Mojarrad

Ali stated, Lawn & Order did a good job cleaning up the 3 entrances maintained by the HOA this spring & applying mulch. The landscaping company did not do a good job with the planting flowers last year and they were not able to find help to do the planting this year.

The Property Management team along with Tim Woods plan to purchase & plant flowers this spring.

Garage Sale Reported by Michelle Becker

Annual Garage Sale will be held June 17th & 18th .  We have teamed up this year with Knollwood West to hold our Garage Sales on the same weekend.  We will share in advertising which will included: Newspapers, Granger Magazines & Online sources.  Handouts are available at the Sign-In table for information & tips for Garage Sale success.

State of the Association Presented by Tim Woods

  • Special Thanks to Michelle Becker, Hope Vollmer & Ali Mojarrad for their participation in the Christmas decorations at the Entrances.
  • Dangerous trees or limbs in the County easements near our subdivision streets were removed. Report (574-235-7800) all dangerous trees and limbs in the county easement (approximately 10 feet from the curb) or in a county drainage area.
  • The Board requested HOA Program information regarding the Leaf Pick-up Programs offered through the St. Joseph County.  Cost quoted to us $47,260.  The Board voted to not participate as the Association could not afford the cost, rather let the individual Homeowners sign up with the County taking advantage of the Early Bird Special or one of the many programs offered to best suit their needs or a Landscaping Co. of their choice.
  • Liability & Fidelity Insurance purchased for the Association & invested excess Association Funds.
  • Paving & Drywell being done by St Joseph County on Foxcross Drive, Regency Park, Haven Hill & Marlowe Way currently.  (Homeowner’s were encouraged to call the County regarding potholes 574-235-7800)
  • Prevailed in the litigation against a homeowner regarding several violations of the Restrictive Covenants, including recovery of 8 years of delinquent dues plus interest; removal of a trailer from the yard; ceased selling used vehicles from the driveway; removal of piles of shingles from the roof of their home; and as the prevailing party, an award of part of the attorney fees incurred by the Association.  The case is being appealed. The Magistrate Judge will rule on part of the appeal before May 6, 2022.


  • Work with the committee to amend the Association’s By-laws and the Restrictive Covenants.
  • Continue to enforce the Restrictive Covenants and the get the County more involved in enforcing the Single-Family Zoning Ordinance
  • Decide where & how to safely store all the HOA’s past, present & future documents

There being no further business to be discussed, the meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Aviva Wulfsohn, Secretary

2022 Knollwood Neighborhood Garage Sale

The dates for this years Knollwood Neighborhood Garage Sale will be June 17th and 18th from 9am-5pm. Sale will be rain or shine.

An ad will be placed in the South Bend Tribune, Craigs List, and the Granger Gazette listing a few items that will be included in the sale.

If you have any unique or special items to feature, please call me before May 30th to include your item in the ad. Mowers, snowblowers, and bikes are popular.

I will put signs and flags at all the entrances several days before the sale. I’d recommend adding directional signs to your house to increase sales.

As a safety tip, keep your money and cell phone in a fanny pack. Avoid taking checks if possible. Keep your doors locked. Pair up with another person so you can keep an eye on the sale while the other person handles the money.

If you have any questions about having a garage sale, especially if its your first time, please call me.

Michelle Becker 574-277-1152 or text 574-250-8585.

KHA Annual Meeting

The Knollwood Homeowners Association will be holding its annual meeting this Thursday April 28th @7pm at the Knollwood Country Club. The Board will be presenting news and updates about the neighborhood. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions of your KHA Board, meet your neighbors, and possibly volunteer and get involved with the HOA. Hope to see you there!

Leaf pick up for 2022

Hello neighbors,

Just a quick note to inform everyone that the HOA will not be contracting with a leaf pick up service for 2022. Options were explored seeking out a deal that could benefit everyone in the HOA. After considering options, the best choice was to let individual property owners contract leaf pick up on their own.

St. Joseph County Police Golf Cart Patrol

I thought I would share this for those of you that don’t read your Granger Gazette. It seems timely after some of the discussions about golf carts at our annual meeting. I clipped this article from the Granger Gazette showing SJCP patrolling the pathway in their golf cart. Maybe this is a good opportunity to reach out to them via their email in the article regarding laws for golf carts and their operators. If enough questions are raised, perhaps it will be in one of their future articles.