Option for 2021 leaf pick-up

Last year the KHA negotiated special pricing with Lawn Order LLC as an option for leaf pick-up. While the special pricing is not available this year due various circumstances, Lawn Order can still provide services for individual properties. Pricing and services will vary depending on what you want done. Contact Lawn Order for details and pricing.

Phone: 574-850-4078

Website: http://lawnorderllc.com/

St. Joseph County Police Golf Cart Patrol

I thought I would share this for those of you that don’t read your Granger Gazette. It seems timely after some of the discussions about golf carts at our annual meeting. I clipped this article from the Granger Gazette showing SJCP patrolling the pathway in their golf cart. Maybe this is a good opportunity to reach out to them via their email in the article regarding laws for golf carts and their operators. If enough questions are raised, perhaps it will be in one of their future articles.

Knollwood Country Club

Curious about Knollwood Country Club and what it has to offer? Have a general question?

Please contact:

Traci Totzke, Membership Director Knollwood Country Club

Phone: 574-271-4837

Email: traci.totzke@clubcorp.com

2021 Leaf Pick-up option

Abrajan Lawn Service is available for curbside leaf pickup this fall. 3 passes $150. Possible extra charge if grass clippings, tree limbs, pine needles etc. are mixed with the leaves.

Contact Ida Abrajan at: 574-292-2913 for additional info and sign up information.

Pay your HOA Dues with PayPal

You may conveniently use PayPal to pay your annual Knollwood Homeowners Association dues.  The $100.00 annual payment is due March 1st of every year.

Clicking the yellow “Pay Now” button to the right in the side bar will re-direct you to Paypal’s website where you can choose your method of payment in PayPal.  If you do not have a Paypal account, you will need create one on their website (its quick and easy).  No need to fill in the amount as the $100.00 annual dues fee is all ready entered.  The amount will appear once you log in.

If you have any questions  please contact us.