KHA Annual Meeting – April 10, 2019

23 attendees + board

Called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Board Reports

  1. Finance – We have money. Money market has been opened to 1.8% money market savings. Had excess cash from the last few years; certificate of deposit opened on 12/7, 2.45%. Our dues are covering us; we’re in good shape.
  2. A little high on printing costs and postage this year.  Normally we don’t have two meetings a year. Had some entrance lighting repairs, put back into 2019 budget.
  3. We still have $4500 of delinquent dues. Jones Obenchain sent out 7 demand letters last year. Two paid and five will have liens put on them.
  4. What are bank fees for? Paypal (takes $3.20 off of $100)
  5. 347 invoices, but a couple of houses have more than one lot. Receivables at $8,775. Only 64 people have not paid. We have the attorney starting liens for $2625. Have one house under foreclosure. Kids already called and said he’s not paying it. Can’t put lien on foreclosure. Two at five years and one at six years delinquent. Can check tax records to see where owners are living. People don’t contact her to say they’re moving on.
  6. Aviva motioned to accept budget, not sure who seconded (John?).

Covenants, Restrictions, and Architecture Report

  1. Four shed approvals and one large landscaping project. Smaller issues resolved with a couple of phone calls. Hampton & Ridgemoor, wrecked car parked on street in cul de sac. Tim says we might have some leverage. Sherriff can check numbers plate. Sometime just a letter will suffice.
  2. Two cars have been parked on grass for a long time. Can we do anything about that? Starting to look like a junkyard. We need people to levy fines, etc. Could become a full-time job. Asking for compliance, in most cases, has been pretty good. Parking on grass is not something we’d normally ask for. John would prefer it not be put on website. Just contact us.
  3. We have the option of sending an official letter from an attorney. By covenants they are obligated to pay legal fees. At what point do you put legal fees on, etc. Public shaming? J
  4. Mark – Nothing in covenants that generally speaking, prevents someone from parking on their own grass. You can’t put a fence in your yard without approval but you can park your car on grass. Closest thing you have is a nuisance. A barking dog could be a nuisance. What about a diesel engine running for 45 minutes at 3:00 am?
  5. Do we go to neighbors when approving an architectural project? Usually ask if they’ve talked to their neighbors.
  6. Any consideration to person on Lincroft who’s had shingles on roof for years? Probably a nuisance. Also just raked their leaves into the street! We have no jurisdiction there.
  7. Some neighborhoods have covenants where if you don’t mow your lawn, they’ll mow it for you. And charge you. House on corner of Baywood & Gumwood (back door falling off). They’ve completely redone it … fixed siding, windows, etc.
  8. When is the burn amnesty? This weekend. Xmas ornaments … can we do better next time? They did better this year! Ended up buying ornaments without Mark’s permission.
  9. Called county – Receptive to fixing potholes. Except for Hampton, the road doesn’t even exist anymore. We’re at the bottom of the list. County owns it, we can’t fix it ourselves. Can we do a petition? Road is crumbling. Andy Kostielney said they only do two miles of roads every year?
  10. Fogeley landscape – They have trucks and leaf grinders to pick up leaves. Maybe county arrangement for leaf pickup can be contracted out someplace else? Best we could have gotten would have doubled or tripled our dues just for leaf pickup. Not every landscape company will pick up leaves. Those that do the bulk leaf pickup when county took up contract, pretty much everyone sold their equipment to Greenworld and got out of business. Juno doesn’t do it, Michiana Recycling will accept bagged leaves for free, only two, I think.
  11. Anything we have to use as leverage to get leaves off of street? I think we as a community should look at alternatives, options. Talk to other neighborhoods and see what they do. We can’t rely on government much more. Important that we start petitioning the county and state … road is down to base and you’re not repairing it??? Needs to be reiterated that nowhere in covenant does it say we will pick up leaves. How can we help ourselves?
  12. Think the fee was $100 to get leaves removed 30 years ago. Think it’s still $100. This is just a moot point. Does it require a certain percentage of homeowners to approve increase in dues to cover leaf pickup? No one’s going to approve that. 10% don’t pay right now. We don’t know until we try. 2/3 of all lots only to change covenants and restrictions. Different percentage to raise dues. When new board is elected, get some firm decisions.
  13. Get together with neighbors and get group rate. Think Abraham has been out this week picking up leaves?
  14. Harold – AEP never tells Harold when they replace a light; he has to go over and look personally.
  15. Clay Township would like to engage more with homeowners associations for things like safety, smoke detectors, etc. Engagement between fire departments and communities prompted this.

Garage Sale Update

June 21-22. Posted on website. Will do some advertising on internet, SB Tribune, put ad in new Granger Living magazine.

Nominations and Election of New Board Members

  1. Motion to open floor for nominations for two open board positions: Just board positions. Tim nominates his friend Ali (sitting next to him). Any further nominations? Evie Nickison. Harold nominates Evie. John seconds. Motion to close nominations? We got three! Tim Woods, Evie Nickison, Ali Wojarda. Harold motions to vote all three in! All in favor!
  2. Retiring Spot
  3. Talboom has 3-year contract. Not sure where they are in their contract. Main entrance maintained by country club. At least it doesn’t have a fence.
  4. Michelle would love to see all the stone walls at entrances cleaned up and power washed. Might have to be someone who has their own water source.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.

Spring Pot Holes

I emailed Noel Snyder of the St Joseph Highway Department a map of the Knollwood neighborhood asking that their crews fill the pot holes in our neighborhood. Noel said he would put us on the list. I will keep you updated.

Mark McClean

Annual Knollwood Garage Sale – Friday, June 21st & Sat., June 22nd

Annual Knollwood Garage Sale – Friday, June 21st & Sat., June 22nd
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Rain or Shine

Declutter your life this summer and make money!
If you have a unique or special item to feature in our ad, please email or call me prior to April 15, 2019, so I may include your item or items in our ads. Mowers, Snow Blowers, Furniture, Kids Toys and Bikes are popular with Buyers!

Signs will be placed at all the entrances several days before the sale and flags put out the day of the sale.

Safety Tip: Keep your money & cell phone in a fanny pack. Avoid taking checks if possible. Keep your doors locked to your house. Pair up with another person so you can keep an eye on your merchandise while the other person takes the money.

If you have any questions about having a garage sale, especially if it is your first sale, please contact me.


Michelle Becker 574-277-1152

Leaf Burning Amnesty Weekend

Thursday December 6th – Sunday December 9th is the St Joseph County Burn amnesty weekend. Please follow the safety rules spelled out on their website.


If you decide to burn REMEMBER:

1. Never use accelerants of any kind.

2. It is illegal to burn anything other than leaves.

3. Never burn wet leaves.

4. Never leave a fire unattended.

5. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

6. Never burn when the wind is blowing.

7. Always insure your fire is completely extinguished.

8. Always immediately clean up the ashes and properly dispose.

9. Check your Air Quality Forecast before you burn.

10. Never burn when thunderstorms or cold fronts are expected.

2018 Leaf Pickup Update

According to the St Joseph County website Knollwood is currently receiving its first of two passes.

Burn Ban Amnesty Periods begins
Friday November 16th – Sunday November 18th and resumes

Wednesday November 28th – Sunday December 2nd.

All questions regarding this years program can be directed to

HOTLINE: 574-235-9534

The Leaf Hotline will be Closed November 6th 2018 for Election Da

New for Fall of 2018 – Bagged Leaves Drop Off Sites
Residents may drop off bagged leaves to approved drop off sites from Monday, December 3 – Sunday, December 16, 2018. The approved drop off sites are at the following County Garage Sites:

North West
New Carlisle Garage (East of New Carlisle, north of US 20)
53900 Snowberry Road

North East
Granger Garage (East of Fir Road and the ITR bridge)
14633 Cleveland Roa

South East
Woodland Garage (East of SR 331)
15973 New Road

South West
North Liberty Garage (South of the Town of North Liberty)
67266 SR 23

There will be signs and a designated area for drop off at each of the sites. We ask residents drop off bagged leaves only and please drop them off only in the designated area to not interfere with daily operations. Residents may drop off bagged leaves anytime during this timeframe from December 3rd – December 16th.

2018 Fall Leaf Pickup Update

Knollwood Residents,

St. Joseph County has contracted with St. Joe County Recycling (SJCR) to provide two leaf collection passes this fall. Knollwood residents are strongly encouraged to read the details of the contract for themselves at the bottom of this post. Below are some key points of the contract.

  1. TWO FALL LEAF PICKUP PASSES to be completed as weather permits.
  3. SECOND PASS begins at the completion of the first pass and proceeds through the townships in the same order as the first pass.
  4. COLLECTION BEGINS IN MADISON TOWNSHIP and rotates clockwise through Union, Centre, Liberty and remaining townships. All passes have same order of rotation. See map below if you are unfamiliar with where county townships are located.
  5. ST JOE COUNTY WILL COMMUNICATE TO RESIDENTS online and through all media outlets at the beginning of every pass.
  6. COUNTY LEAF PASSES not designed to pick up all leaves in county.

As the county contract makes clear on page 3, under article 11, “the program is not designed to collect all the leaves in the county due to economic restraints and that residents should seek supplemental service.”

Should you require supplemental service the county has provided as list of regional landscape companies interested in supplemental leaf pickup.

LawnorderLLC, a resident of our HOA said they can accommodate supplemental services that may be needed.

As was pointed out in our 2017 fall leaf pickup notice you can also contact your trash pickup service to see if and how they will accept lawn waste. Michiana Recycling and Disposal has an inexpensive service level that includes their weekly pickup container plus up to five additional bags which may be yard waste.

Watch the County website and our website for updates!

2018 St Joseph County leaf collection pass route

St Joseph County 2018 Leaf Collection Agreement

Download St Joseph County 2018 Leaf Collection Agreement

Leave suggestions/concerns in the comment section below.

Q&A Session with St. Joseph County Commissioner Andy Kostielney


We have arranged for a special Homeowners Association Meeting for a Q&A session with St. Joseph County Commissioner Andy Kostielney. Andy is the president of the Commissioners and also represents our area of the county.

This meeting will also be a joint session with our neighbors in Knollwood West.

The session will be held on Wednesday, June 27 at 7 PM. We will meet at the Clay Church Firehouse Campus, 17616 Cleveland Road. Please note the meeting place as it is not at our usual place.

It would be helpful if you could provide some questions in advance. I’ll compile them and send them to Andy on the Sunday prior to the meeting. This will give him an opportunity to do any necessary research as well as to get a feel for what he should be prepared to discuss.

You may submit your questions via this “survey” link: