2023 Annual Knollwood Homeowners Association Meeting 10/19/2023

Hello Neighbors,

Mark your calendars. October 19th, 2023 is the date for the Knollwood Homeowners Association annual meeting. The meeting will be held at the Knollwood Country Club at 7pm. We usually have it in the upstairs banquet room. Additionally, we are still looking for members in good standing to fill various committee positions. If you have a unique skill set, such as IT or Accounting, we would be interested in speaking with you regarding some specific positions. Other than that, we need committee members to help with decision making that affects the HOA. The time commitment can be as much as you like, but at minimum, we ask that you attend a couple of Board and/or Committee meetings a year.

For me personally, being involved with the Board has been a wonderful experience. It’s provided the opportunity to meet and work with some great people who truly have a passion for our neighborhood. I’ve also gained some great insight into how the HOA functions. If you have an interest in participating, please reach out via the “contact” page on our website. I will forward your interest to the appropriate Board member. The Board wishes everyone a safe and happy summer and looks forward to seeing you all in the fall at the annual meeting.


John Nickison, KHA Webmaster

2023 Leaf Pick-up

Hello Neighbors,

The KHA Board explored the idea of getting an HOA group discount through St. Joseph County Recycling for leaf pick-up. After careful consideration and review of the requirements, the Board decided NOT to contract with St. Joseph County Recycling as an HOA.

St. Joseph County Recycling required that we advertise their company on our website, as well as being “cc’d” on an email distribution to all KHA residents regarding their service. They also required a leaf pick payment method be posted on our website. The best discount they offered required 100% participation from all our residents.

We wish there was a simple inexpensive answer to the leaves, but the Board decided this was too far reaching. The Board is in agreement that the fairest solution is to let individual homeowners contract leaf pick-up with whatever service best meets their needs and budget.

Metronet construction issues

Hello Everyone,

I want to share with you all that the HOA has received several complaints from homeowners regarding construction issues with Metronet. The major issue being the humps in the roads where the conduit was installed under the streets. Another issue being water/gatorade bottles and other various trash left in our yards as well as the piles of dirt left after installation of the underground boxes. The issues have been reported to Metronet Restoration customer service. We will keep you all informed as best we can regarding a resolution to these issues.

If you have a specific issue with the construction on your property you can report it to Metronet via their website. https://construction.metronetinc.com/cct/askQuestions.

Thank you for your patience during the construction process.

John Nickison,

Utility Liaison, Knollwood Homeowners Association.