Project Application Form

Knollwood residents must submit any outside architectural building plans (including sheds, patio rooms or other additions to your home) or topography/drainage alteration to the Knollwood Architectural Control Committee for approval.

Please fill out the project application form below and describe the project you are considering. The Knollwood Architectural Control Committee will review and get back with you.  We ask that you carefully review the Covenants and Restrictions page for information regarding various projects.  Architectural Control  “Article 5” of the Knollwood Covenants is located below for your convenience.

Once your project is approved, we highly recommend you or your contractor obtain building permits from the County prior to any construction.

We often receive questions and requests that pertain to other Granger HOA’s ie. Knollwood West, Quail Ridge, etc.  Click on the map below for an overview of the original Knollwood neighborhood.  If you do not live in this area, please seek out the appropriate HOA for your neighborhood.  

Thank you,

    Article 5 of the Knollwood Covenant & Restrictions. Full Covenants located here.

    (a) To maintain harmonious structural design, no building shall be erected, constructed, placed, or altered on any lot, nor shall the topography or drainage of any lot be altered until the construction plans of the structure or the topographical alterations have been approved by the KACC. Committee approval or disapproval as required in these covenants shall be in writing. The plans must show floor plan, quality of construction, materials, outside colors to be used, harmony of external design with existing structures and location with respect to lot lines, topography and finish grade elevations. Two (2) sets of complete prints must be submitted. One (1) will be kept by the KACC and one will be returned to the owner. No changes in approved plans can be made without prior written consent of the KACC. Neither the KACC nor any member of the Committee, nor any of their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors or assigns, shall be liable to anyone submitting plans for approval by reason of mistakes in judgment, negligence, or nonfeasance arising out of or in connection with the approval or disapproval or failure to approve any plans;
    nor shall they or any of them be responsible or liable for any structural defects in such plan or in any building or structure erected according to such plans or any drainage problems resulting therefrom. All people and entities that submit plans to the KACC agree, by submission of such plans, that they will not bring any action or suit against the Committee or KHA to act or to recover any damages or to require the Committee or KHA to take, or refrain from taking, any action. No construction of any structure shall be started until the Committee has issued its written approval.

    (b) Neither the submission of any complete sets of plans for review by the KACC nor the approval of the plans by that Committee shall be deemed to guarantee or require the actual construction of the building or structure therein described, and no adjacent lot owner may claim any reliance upon the submission and/or approval of any such plans or the building or structures described in the plans.